O.D Kobo

Director in London, United Kingdom

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Oded David "O.D." Kobo (קובו עודד).

Internet entrepreneur and businessman with nearly $1 Billion in accumulated exits over the last two decades.


Exits include ($923M):

March 1998 - eLottery Ltd. sold to Unistar Corp. for $900K

January, 2001 -KISp Inc. sold to Nominet for $2.2M

April, 2006 - SinoSheen Investments sold to Fidelity UK for $52.5M

February 2010 - iQ Browser sold to Lenovo for $16M

May 2010 - Shimao.Tv sold to Prestige HK for $12.2M

June 2010 - KGIM Ltd sold to East River Capital for $120M

February 2014 - Camden Market Holdings Corp. sold to Teddy Sagi/Market-Tech for $680M

March 2014 - Pheed sold to Mobli/American Movil for $40M


Capital Raised ($1.09B)

November 1996 - Raised $200K for eLottery Technologies

June 1998 - Raised $5M for SinoSheen Investments

July 2005 - Raised $2.5M for KGIM Limited

February 2006 - Raised $18M for Koolanoo Group

September 2008 - Raised $3.3M for iQBrowser China Ltd

October 2008 - Raised $5M for Shimao.Tv China

December 2008 - Raised $980M for PIR Equities

January 2009 - Raised $25M for KGIM Limited

August 2012 - Raised $3.5M for Pheed Ltd

August 2014 - Raised $25M for Music Messenger

September 2015 - Raised $30M for Shellanoo Group

October 2017 - Raised $2.5M for Addoo Capital

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